Aero Fighters Assault: Pacific Ocean

BRSTM Created by FlannelJacket

Game: Aero Fighters Assault
Song Name: Pacific Ocean
Song Type:
BRSTM Uploader: FlannelJacket
Suggested Stage:
Suggested Stage 2:
Suggested Stage 3:
Suggested Menu/Extra:
Suggested Victory Theme for:
Length: 3:00
BRSTM Size: 8.68 MB
BRSTM Size (Hex): 8ae920
Downloads: 70
Date Added: September 22, 2010
Loop Type: Song Does Not Loop Normally But Has A Custom Loop
Start Loop Point: 1,519,616
End Loop Point: 7,961,441
Sampling Rate: 44100
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Description copied from Brawl Vault :U<br><br>One of my favorite songs from the N64 era. Aero Fighters Assault is a pretty good underrated game. It was pretty decent too, if you didn't compare it to Ace Combat or anything. >_><br><br>Audio quality might not be the best, the original song was pretty quiet, and I'm not the best at quality editing yet. I do think I got the loop perfectly, though. Hope you enjoy!