Excitebike 64
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Congo Course and Rainforest Run Segtendo 1:08 89 Normal Play
Excitebike - A.J. Klaproth Pikmin1211 2:39 57 Custom Play
Excitebike 64 Intro Segtendo 0:40 144 Normal Play
Houston, Nashville, Las Vegas, Madrid, and Los Angeles Segtendo 1:04 86 Normal Play
Kyoto, Long Island, Phoenix, Detroit, and Seattle Segtendo 1:18 97 Normal Play
Lefty's Mill, Canyon Chasm, Construction Yard, Hill Climb, and Excite Segtendo 2:18 89 Normal Play
Main Menu Segtendo 1:33 95 Normal Play
Mountain Quarry, The Gravel Pit, Blizzard Blitz, and Credits Segtendo 1:30 85 Normal Play
Replay Segtendo 0:52 133 Normal Play
Victory Celebration Segtendo 0:34 169 Normal Play

Developer(s): Left Field Productions

Publisher(s): Nintendo

Composer(s): Matt Furniss, Chris Lamb

Arranger(s): Matt Furniss, Chris Lamb

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Total BRSTMs: 10
BRSTM Downloads: 1044
Average Downloads: 104.40 dls/BRSTM