Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Beating Black Wing Muggshotter 2:52 203 Normal Play
A Closed Off Village (FFVII - 'Anxious Heart') Muggshotter 1:17 97 Normal Play
Blazing Through the Battlefield (OST) OmarDaCar 1:03 145 Normal Play
Combat Muggshotter 1:20 264 Normal Play
Conflict Muggshotter 1:13 151 Normal Play
Controlling the Iron Beast DonteTheDemonKiller 1:43 230 Normal Play
Crisis Core Theme - Under the Apple Tree DreamSora100 2:00 72 Normal Play
Encounter Muggshotter 1:46 250 Normal Play
Fanfare mariofan12ify 0:23 181 Normal Play
First Mission (FFVII - 'Opening ~ Bombing Mission') Muggshotter 1:52 252 Normal Play
Howl of the Gathered DreamSora100 1:36 88 Normal Play
Last Order - Crisis Mix (from 'Last Order FFVII') Muggshotter 2:46 225 Normal Play
March on the Frontier (from 'Last Order FFVII') Muggshotter 1:40 69 Normal Play
On the Verge of the Assault (Those Who Fight) Muggshotter 1:28 864 Normal Play
The Clandestine Dark Suits (FFVII - 'Turk's Theme') Muggshotter 1:05 97 Normal Play
The Mako City Muggshotter 1:33 130 Normal Play
The Price of Freedom CoolSkeleton95 2:10 478 Normal Play
The Summoned (FFVII - 'Those Who Fight Further') Muggshotter 2:58 560 Normal Play
The World's Enemy (from FFVII ''One-Winged Angel'') bxaimc 3:12 444 Normal Play
Those Who Accept Protection of Stars Muggshotter 1:24 249 Normal Play

Developer(s): Square Enix

Publisher(s): Square Enix

Composer(s): Takeharu Ishimoto, Nobuo Uematsu, Yoshihiko Nishio

Arranger(s): Takeharu Ishimoto, Kazuhiko Toyama, Rieko Shimura, L.O.E

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