Dead Rising 2: Off The Record
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Betrayal ~Agent S. Phase 3~ Xerom 2:10 89 Normal Play
Firewater (Chuck Greene) Xerom 3:36 184 Normal Play
Frank, Camera Man (Victory Theme Version) Xerom 0:14 293 None Play
Future Carny ~Uranus Zone~ Xerom 4:13 87 Normal Play
Orbital Oscillation ~Agent S. Phase 1~ Xerom 2:47 108 Normal Play
Robot Rave ~Agent S. Phase 2~ Xerom 2:33 85 Custom Play
TK Overtime (Frank West) (Unused) Xerom 5:56 88 E to S Play

Developer(s): Capcom Vancouver

Publisher(s): Capcom

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Total BRSTMs: 7
BRSTM Downloads: 934