Grand Theft Auto V
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Bit Of An Awkward Sitation (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 4:36 1 Custom Play
A Haze Of Patriotic Fervor (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 5:09 8 Custom Play
A Legitimate Business Man (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 2:59 2 Custom Play
Alien Music TheNintenguy 3:54 82 Normal Play
City Remix TheUltimateKoopa 13:20 13 Custom Play
Clown Dream Olaf96 1:24 58 Normal Play
Los Santos At Night (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 1:13 4 Custom Play
Mona Da Vinci TheNintenguy 6:56 72 Normal Play
Mona Da Vinci (Continuous Loop) TheUltimateKoopa 7:10 44 Custom Play
Mr Trevor Phillips (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 4:34 2 Custom Play
No Happy Endings (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 5:04 2 Custom Play
North Yankton Memories (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 3:09 8 Custom Play
Paleto Score - Bulldozer TheNintenguy 2:00 65 Normal Play
Paleto Score - Preperation TheNintenguy 2:39 60 Normal Play
Paleto Score - Setup TheNintenguy 2:39 51 Normal Play
Something Sensible TheNintenguy 2:34 45 Normal Play
Something Sensible - Chase TheNintenguy 2:34 67 Normal Play
The Grip (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 3:06 4 Custom Play
We Were Set Up (Custom Loop) TheUltimateKoopa 4:17 55 Custom Play
We Were Set Up (Full Mix) TheUltimateKoopa 2:07 35 Normal Play
We Were Set Up (Long Custom Loop) TheUltimateKoopa 17:25 7 Custom Play
We Were Set Up (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 3:03 77 Custom Play
Welcome to Los Santos (GTA V Theme) HGHydra 2:02 347 Custom Play
You Forget A Thousand Things (Custom Loop) TheUltimateKoopa 7:24 21 Custom Play
You Forget A Thousand Things (Full Mix) TheUltimateKoopa 3:27 4 Normal Play
You Forget A Thousand Things (OST Version) TheUltimateKoopa 3:44 40 Custom Play

Developer(s): Rockstar North

Publisher(s): Rockstar Games

Composer(s): Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No

Arranger(s): DJ Shadow, Baardsen

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Total BRSTMs: 26
BRSTM Downloads: 1174
Average Downloads: 45.15 dls/BRSTM