Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
All That Remains [The Grand Finale] Xerom 4:31 369 Custom Play
Athletic Pun [Athletic Theme (NSMB 2)] Xerom 3:34 72 Custom Play
Battle of the Generations [Battle! Trainer (X/Y)] Xerom 5:37 193 Custom Play
Chaos Neighborhood [Tomodachi Life] Xerom 3:34 98 Custom Play
Duck Hunt Groove [Duck Hunt Medley] Xerom 2:21 185 Custom Play
From the Mirror of Truth [Dark Pit] Xerom 2:45 127 Custom Play
Hammered Bros. [Hammer Bros.] Xerom 4:20 56 Custom Play
Holiday Hunter Duo [Duck Hunt Medley] Xerom 2:46 75 Custom Play
If You Believe [Magicant] Xerom 5:51 67 Custom Play
Ignite [Spark Man Stage] Xerom 3:46 84 Custom Play
In a Dream [Snake Eater] Xerom 3:50 135 Custom Play
In the Zone (Act 1) [Angel Island Zone Act 1] Xerom 1:59 59 Custom Play
In the Zone (Act 2 No Buildup) [Angel Island Zone Act 2] Xerom 1:16 89 Custom Play
In the Zone (Act 2 With Buildup) [Angel Island Zone Act 2] Xerom 1:29 66 Custom Play
It's a Skateboard Rave for All [Skateboard Arena] Xerom 2:55 96 Custom Play
Me and the Kapp'n Make it Happ'n [Kapp'n's Song] Xerom 1:55 131 Custom Play
On the Edge of Tomorrow [Live and Learn] Xerom 3:33 249 Custom Play
Paku Paku [Pac-Man] Xerom 2:24 95 Custom Play
Shadow of the Core [Master Core] Xerom 4:03 217 Custom Play
Surfing Starry Seas [Float Islands] Xerom 3:02 77 Custom Play
The Journey to Castle Lololo [Castle Lololo] Xerom 2:34 95 Custom Play
The Name's Kong [Gear Getaway] Xerom 3:22 121 Custom Play
The Year 200X [Mega Man 2 Medley] Xerom 11:09 30 Custom Play
Through the Blades of Shadow [Shadow Man Stage] Xerom 3:46 167 Custom Play
Titans [Gaur Plains] Xerom 5:04 78 Custom Play
To the Stars [Mario Galaxy Medley] Xerom 5:03 117 Custom Play
Toot, Whistle, Bang! [Full Steam Ahead] Xerom 3:22 87 Custom Play
You're Too Slow [Green Hill Zone] Xerom 3:23 228 Custom Play
Your Face is History [Jogging / Countdown] Xerom 3:30 222 Custom Play

Total BRSTMs: 29
BRSTM Downloads: 3685
Average Downloads: 127.07 dls/BRSTM