Final Fantasy Explorers Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Awakening The Order of The Phoenix (Phoenix Theme) gilplay3000 1:30 91 Normal Play
Clash On The Big Bridge (Gilgamesh Theme) gilplay3000 1:27 168 Normal Play
Dazzle of the Mystic (Dryad Theme) gilplay3000 1:20 89 Normal Play
Deity of Creation and Destruction (Shiva Theme) gilplay3000 1:17 138 Normal Play
Devil'sDoor (Diablos Theme) gilplay3000 1:10 84 Normal Play
Eternal Toshin (Odin Theme) gilplay3000 1:16 91 Normal Play
Flame Giant (Ifrit Theme) gilplay3000 1:33 89 Normal Play
Grand Fanfare (Quest Clear) mariofan12ify 0:32 77 Normal Play
Holy Citadel (Alexander Theme) gilplay3000 1:28 94 Normal Play
Iryoku Crystal TheUltimateKoopa 0:22 157 Normal Play
Legendary Thunder (Ramuh Theme) gilplay3000 1:31 110 Normal Play
Magical Beast of Wind (Fenrir Theme) gilplay3000 1:39 94 Normal Play
Neverending Journey TheUltimateKoopa 5:09 62 Normal Play
On the Path of Predecessors TheUltimateKoopa 1:59 56 Normal Play
Patron of Water (Leviathan Theme) gilplay3000 1:24 92 Normal Play
Start Expedition TheUltimateKoopa 0:04 187 None Play
The Champion's Blue Sky (Bahamut Theme) gilplay3000 1:14 117 Normal Play
The Final Promise TheUltimateKoopa 2:14 84 Normal Play
The Wolf's Heaven (Amaterasu Theme) gilplay3000 1:44 109 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 19
BRSTM Downloads: 1989