Persona 4 Dancing All Night Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Backside Of The TV (Lotus Juice Remix) OneTrueSmasher 3:25 222 Custom Play
Best Friends (Banvox Remix) OneTrueSmasher 3:38 118 Custom Play
Dance Hymn of the Soul (Disco In Velvet Room) OneTrueSmasher 2:02 199 Custom Play
Main Theme semisonic 3:27 411 Custom Play
New Days ("P4D" ver.) Rwokkefeller 1:07 18 Normal Play
Period brent592 1:00 150 Normal Play
Pursuing My True Self (ATLUS Kozuka Remix) OneTrueSmasher 1:29 97 Custom Play
Reach Out To The Truth (Dancing on PERSONA STAGE) OneTrueSmasher 4:21 165 Custom Play
Signs of Love (TK Remix) The Negative Ion 3:26 44 Custom Play
SNOWFLAKES (NARASAKI Remix) Forlorn Penguin 1:31 178 Custom Play
The Fog (ATLUS Konishi Remix) Forlorn Penguin 3:42 254 Custom Play
Time To Make History (Original Full Size ver.) Forlorn Penguin 2:42 221 Custom Play

Total BRSTMs: 11
BRSTM Downloads: 2059
Average Downloads: 187.18 dls/BRSTM