The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The 3rd Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Cry for your Eternity SvenFletcher 1:58 67 Normal Play
Determination of Fight SvenFletcher 1:56 45 Normal Play
Dreamy and Boisterous Holy Land SvenFletcher 4:19 45 Normal Play
Fighting Right On SvenFletcher 1:37 36 Normal Play
Masquerade of Lies SvenFletcher 3:06 50 Normal Play
Overdosing Heavenly Bliss SvenFletcher 2:03 54 Normal Play
Overdosing Heavenly Bliss (Zanmai Version) SvenFletcher 5:28 71 Custom Play
Strong Attack SvenFletcher 1:52 30 Normal Play
The Lynx Corp Counteroffensive SvenFletcher 1:51 38 Normal Play
Till the Night of Glory SvenFletcher 1:46 45 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 10
BRSTM Downloads: 481
Average Downloads: 48.10 dls/BRSTM