The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Atrocious Raid ultramario1998 2:48 54 Normal Play
Belief ultramario1998 2:11 41 Normal Play
Belief (Super Arrange) ultramario1998 3:36 39 Custom Play
Don't be Defeated by a Friend! ultramario1998 1:59 42 Normal Play
Don't be Defeated by a Friend! (Super Arrange) ultramario1998 3:59 64 Custom Play
Enormous Inner Strength ultramario1998 5:38 16 Normal Play
Even if Driven to the Wall ultramario1998 2:01 11 Normal Play
Exceed! ultramario1998 3:50 36 Normal Play
Opening The Path With These Hands! ultramario1998 0:43 30 Normal Play
Risking Everything, Here We Stand ultramario1998 3:15 32 Normal Play
The Decisive Collision ultramario1998 5:44 28 Normal Play
The Red Wings -New Wind- ultramario1998 2:46 32 Normal Play
Tie a Link of ARCUS! (Super Arrange) ultramario1998 3:57 105 Normal Play
To Become the Foundation of an Era ultramario1998 4:14 28 Normal Play
To Grasp Tomorrow ultramario1998 4:08 28 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 15
BRSTM Downloads: 586
Average Downloads: 39.07 dls/BRSTM