Guilty Gear Isuka Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Calculating King (for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 0:24 146 None Play
Confrontation (for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 0:10 273 None Play
Drunkard Does Make Wise Remarks (for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 3:15 123 None Play
Home Sweet Grave FlameHyenard 2:36 399 Custom Play
Home Sweet Grave (for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 3:20 115 None Play
Hunt a Soul Muggshotter 0:41 140 Normal Play
Hunt A Soul (for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 1:40 91 None Play
Hurry Somebody Up HexiouM64 1:00 129 E to S Play
Lady Fascination (for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 3:14 98 None Play
Lost My Holdings NewGabeOrder 0:09 258 None Play
Might Is Right But Tight Xenn 0:10 456 None Play
Push A Bush HexiouM64 2:57 144 Custom Play
Quicksilver (for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 3:13 95 None Play
Riches In Me JohnatanIrwyn 3:00 135 Normal Play
Sheep Will Sleep(, If You Become Fatigued, for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 3:20 143 None Play
The Cat Attached to the Rust Soneek 2:59 81 Custom Play
The GOD bites own lip in chagrin (for GGXX) NewGabeOrder 1:04 104 None Play
The Irony Of Chaste JohnatanIrwyn 3:00 144 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 18
BRSTM Downloads: 3074