Kaiser Knuckle Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Capricious Valkyrie (Theme from Liza) 3rdTenderSun 3:06 19 Normal Play
Cry for The Moon (Theme from Wulong) 3rdTenderSun 3:30 22 Normal Play
Emperor (Theme of General) Xenn 0:57 82 Custom Play
Great Mind Motif (Theme of Gonzales) 3rdTenderSun 3:07 21 Normal Play
Look At Me (Theme from Kazuya) 3rdTenderSun 5:15 16 Normal Play
One Night Dream (Theme from Boggy) 3rdTenderSun 3:51 20 Normal Play
Rise Up To The Star (Theme from J.Mccoy) 3rdTenderSun 4:01 29 Normal Play
Spirits of Silence (Theme from Gekkou) 3rdTenderSun 3:29 17 Normal Play
Splender (Theme of Barts) Scorpion 1:47 24 Normal Play
Storm of Blossom (Theme from Lihua) 3rdTenderSun 4:57 35 Normal Play
Unavailable 7004 (Theme from Marco) 3rdTenderSun 2:46 23 Normal Play
Wheel of Fortune (Motif of Azteca) 3rdTenderSun 2:14 23 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 12
BRSTM Downloads: 331
Average Downloads: 27.58 dls/BRSTM