Dynasty Warriors 4
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Kindling Coal (Act Title) FireKirby7 0:12 199 None Play
A Running Fight (Pursuit) FireKirby7 2:39 75 Normal Play
Afterimage (Results) FireKirby7 1:02 72 Normal Play
Avenging Battle (Yi Ling) FireKirby7 4:10 77 Normal Play
Bloodshed to Repeat (Skirmish) FireKirby7 3:32 74 Normal Play
Cry For Wind (Chi Bi) FireKirby7 3:00 75 Normal Play
Dancing Wizard (Yellow Turban Rebellion) FireKirby7 4:13 68 Normal Play
Dark Angel (Influence) FireKirby7 4:27 62 Normal Play
Desperate Scheme (Xu Chang) FireKirby7 3:05 63 Normal Play
Eve (Routed) FireKirby7 2:25 189 Normal Play
Evil Festival (Jian Ye) FireKirby7 3:28 73 Normal Play
Friend or Foe (Duel) FireKirby7 0:21 124 Normal Play
Friend or Foe ver.2 (Duel) FireKirby7 2:53 70 Normal Play
Gain Ground (Winning) FireKirby7 2:36 67 Normal Play
Heavy Gauge (Assault) FireKirby7 3:27 91 Normal Play
Hero Paean (Legend Mode Ending) FireKirby7 1:22 94 None Play
Hold Down FireKirby7 3:16 61 Normal Play
In Full Bloom (Guan Du) FireKirby7 3:50 74 Normal Play
Interceptor (He Fei) FireKirby7 3:13 80 Normal Play
Limit of Abillity (Narrow Escape) FireKirby7 1:41 64 Normal Play
Long Time Ago (Encyclopedia) FireKirby7 4:14 68 Normal Play
Look Alive! (Character Select) FireKirby7 0:37 108 Normal Play
Look Back On Your Way (Musou Ending) FireKirby7 2:00 83 Normal Play
My Bad Fellow (Rival) FireKirby7 2:53 70 Normal Play
Officer Factory (Edit Mode) FireKirby7 0:45 62 Normal Play
Opening of Fierce Battle (Xtreme Mode) FireKirby7 3:18 63 Normal Play
Parade of Death (March) FireKirby7 3:20 66 Normal Play
Sacred Night (Wu Zhang Plains) FireKirby7 2:47 68 Normal Play
Stabbed Vicious Lump (Commander) FireKirby7 3:17 55 Normal Play
Straight Ahead (Dominant) FireKirby7 3:07 94 Normal Play
Struggle for Existence (Cheng Du) FireKirby7 5:06 65 Normal Play
The Entrance (Select Mode) FireKirby7 0:19 95 Normal Play
The History Will Tell (Stage Select) FireKirby7 1:15 66 Normal Play
The Road To... (Info Screen) FireKirby7 0:57 90 Normal Play
The Verge of Despair (Losing) FireKirby7 3:46 62 Normal Play
The Wall of Fate (Hu Lao Gate) FireKirby7 2:53 108 Normal Play
Theme of Lu Bu -DW Fire Mix- FireKirby7 3:08 128 Normal Play
Victory Jubilee -DW China Mix- FireKirby7 0:08 259 None Play

Developer(s): Omega Force

Publisher(s): Koei

Composer(s): MASA, Kenji Nakajo, Michihiko Shichi, Yasuhiro Misawa, Mahito Yokota

Arranger(s): MASA, Michihiko Shichi

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Total BRSTMs: 38
BRSTM Downloads: 3362
Average Downloads: 88.47 dls/BRSTM