Dynasty Warriors 6
Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
A Great Giant (Battle of He Fei Castle) FireKirby7 2:22 289 Normal Play
Anger and Grudge (Battle of Tong Gate) FireKirby7 2:39 196 Normal Play
ANGER AND GRUDGE (pitch fix) Antimatter 2:34 22 Normal Play
Beat It (Dominant) FireKirby7 2:43 103 Normal Play
Before the Storm (Briefing) FireKirby7 1:05 120 Normal Play
Chaotic Field (Skirmish) FireKirby7 2:25 134 Normal Play
Dabes (Assault) FireKirby7 2:51 95 Normal Play
Dawn of the Wish (Credits) FireKirby7 2:01 123 Normal Play
Flame and Rapidity (Battle of Chi Bi) FireKirby7 2:07 143 Normal Play
Gain Momentum (Winning) FireKirby7 1:51 128 Normal Play
Geniuses' Sanctuaries (Battle of Wu Zhang Plains) FireKirby7 2:05 192 Normal Play
Glare at the World (Menu Screen) FireKirby7 0:25 125 Normal Play
Ignition (Yellow Turban Rebellion) FireKirby7 2:06 131 Normal Play
Irritation (Losing) FireKirby7 2:24 73 Normal Play
Let Me Complete Readiness (Information Screen) FireKirby7 1:29 130 Normal Play
Magnificent Show (Commander) FireKirby7 2:40 108 Normal Play
Night Raid (Battle of Ru Xu Kou) FireKirby7 1:57 115 Normal Play
NIGHT RAID (pitch fix) Antimatter 2:02 18 Normal Play
Oriental Rush (March) FireKirby7 2:30 113 Normal Play
Remember Me (File Select) FireKirby7 0:28 110 Normal Play
Rock and Roll Over (Battle of Han Zhong) FireKirby7 2:08 127 Normal Play
Slash The Demon (Battle of Hu Lao Gate) FireKirby7 2:13 112 Normal Play
Spring of the East (Results Screen) FireKirby7 1:21 212 Normal Play
Tetsujin Drive (Character Select) FireKirby7 1:05 165 Normal Play
The Battle Without Justice (Battle of Yi Ling) FireKirby7 3:15 132 Normal Play
The Crest of Thirst (Battle of Jie Ting) Antimatter 2:44 20 Normal Play
The Most Dangerous Way (Narrow Escape) FireKirby7 1:38 106 Normal Play
The Playmate (Rival) FireKirby7 2:16 89 Normal Play
The Two Heroes (Battle of Chang Ban) FireKirby7 2:08 111 Normal Play
The Woman From Hell (Influence) FireKirby7 2:11 81 Normal Play
Theme of Lu Bu -DW Prime Mix- FireKirby7 1:45 201 Normal Play
Tropical Wars (Battle of He Fei) FireKirby7 2:13 108 Normal Play
Victory Jubilee -DW Prime Mix- FireKirby7 0:14 205 Normal Play
Welcome to China (Invasion of Xu Chang) FireKirby7 2:31 200 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 34
BRSTM Downloads: 4337
Average Downloads: 127.56 dls/BRSTM