The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Music

Song Name Uploader Length Downloads Loop Type Preview
Ancient Ruins (Nakkai Desert) Xerom 0:50 50 Normal Play
Birdbot Alert!! (Shala Kun) (Shala Kun Birdbots) Xerom 0:25 79 Normal Play
Denise Marmalade vs. Tron Bonne (Denise’s Battle) Xerom 0:34 61 Normal Play
Glyde of the Loathe Family (Glyde’s Theme) Xerom 1:38 59 Normal Play
Gold City Xerom 1:01 75 Normal Play
Introduction to Toron ni Kobun (Introduction Theme) Xerom 1:49 67 Normal Play
Mission Meeting Preparations Xerom 0:26 78 Normal Play
Nakkai Desert Xerom 1:02 70 Normal Play
Police Lady Denise’s Chat with Tron Bonne (Gesellschaft) (Police Lady) Xerom 0:37 67 Normal Play
Select Your Mission Xerom 0:06 175 Normal Play
Shala Kun Ruins (Shala Kun) (Shala Kun) Xerom 0:56 47 Normal Play
Shala Kun’s Reaverbots Problem (Shala Kun) (Shala Kun Reaverbots) Xerom 0:24 69 Normal Play
Sorry Denise... (Gold City) (Denise Loses) Xerom 0:31 67 Normal Play
Teasel Bonne (Nakkai Desert) Xerom 1:03 59 Normal Play
Teasel Bonne vs. Glyde Loathe (Glyde Battle 1) Xerom 0:51 68 Normal Play
The Amazing Driving Kobuns (Gold City) (Driving Kobuns) Xerom 0:33 73 E to S Play
The Gesellschaft (Gym) Xerom 0:26 67 Normal Play
The Gesellschaft (Torture Room) Xerom 0:26 68 Normal Play
The Gesellschaft (Training Room Introduction) Xerom 0:24 82 Normal Play
The Gesellschaft (Tron’s Head Quarters) Xerom 0:32 94 Normal Play
The Gesellschaft (Tron’s Room) Xerom 0:35 81 Normal Play
The Great Vet Attack (Gold City) (Vet Attack) Xerom 0:50 52 Normal Play
The Kobun Song Xerom 0:34 71 Normal Play
The Wrecked Gustaff (Nakkai Desert) (Ruined Gustaff) Xerom 0:58 57 Normal Play
Toron ni Kobun Title (Title Theme) Xerom 1:10 55 E to S Play
Torturing a Kobun Xerom 0:38 67 Normal Play
Tron Bonne vs. Glyde Loathe (Glyde Battle 2) Xerom 1:16 73 Normal Play

Total BRSTMs: 27
BRSTM Downloads: 1931
Average Downloads: 71.52 dls/BRSTM